IT security and GDPR compliance.

We are experts for secure IT infrastructures (including cloud solutions) and support you in meeting the technical and organizational requirements for a secure and legally compliant IT landscape. Our services include the verification of the conformity with GDPR, support of the Self Assessment according to the CoC for GDPR Compliance of the CSA and a preparation for an audit and certification of an accredited body (Third-Party).

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Digitization Strategy and Transformation

We support you in reaching the “digital age”, i.e. we strategically design and accompany your transformation process, which ranges from IT infrastructures to work organization and business processes. We have developed methods that include strategy development and conception, road mapping, implementation, evaluation and adaptation. Our goal is to enable you to assess potentials, define priorities and create confidence in your actions.

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IT consolidation

We support you in setting up and implementing shared service centers, sharing IT infrastructure components and testing alternative approaches such as cloud solutions. Our services include feasibility and profitability studies for consolidations, development of strategies and concrete concepts, support and consulting for implementation management, monitoring of implementation and further development.

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    Below you can find a selection of our services on our core topics

    IT Security and GDPR Compliance

    Assisted Self Assessment

    eGovCD supports the analysis and veriication of compliance and develops corresponding measures.
    Result: Professional report on risk assessment and necessary compliance measures

    CSA GDPR Compliance
    Trust Mark

    Confirmation of the GDPR Compliance according to the CSA CoC GDPR Compliance.
    Result: CSA GDPR Compliance Trust Mark (Self Assessment)

    Risk analysis and definition
    of measures for IT security

    Risk assessment according to recognized standards and derivation of technical and organizational measures (TOM) to reduce risks.
    Result: Professional audit report for risk assessment and necessary measures

    Digitization Strategy and Transformation

    Strategy formulation for digitization

    Determination of the framework conditions, including necessities and needs, in order to formulate the strategic goals in workshops on the basis of the scenario method.
    Result: Digitisation strategy

    Prioritization of fields of action and roadmapping

    Determination of the current situation, identification of the need for action with regard to the strategic goals and derivation of prioritized fields of action and concrete projects on the basis of evaluation criteria.
    Result: Digitisation roadmap and project profiles

    Implementation support and evaluation

    Supporting the implementation of the measures and regular monitoring of the degree of target achievement and verification of acceptance.
    Result: Regular monitoring and impulses for adaptation and refocusing

    IT consolidation

    Project and
    economic feasibility studies

    Definition of the concrete consolidation potentials under consideration of the feasibility, which is analysed and evaluated on the basis of criteria, as well as comparison of the economic efficiency of alternatives.
    Result: Potential study, feasibility study, profitability analysis

    Strategy and concept development

    Development of consolidation strategies and concrete concepts for bundling, e.g. Shared Service Center, above all including analysis and adaptation of the corresponding business processes.
    Result: Consolidation concept and process adjustment

    Implementation management and monitoring

    Accompanying the implementation of the consolidation concept to ensure success and acceptance.
    Result: Monitoring reports and recommendations for action

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