Digitization Strategy and Transformation

To develop a strategy, we follow a basic procedure.

Our methodology is based on the scenario method when formulating strategies. The scenario method can be used to systematically define future visions, evaluate goals and derive measures. The advantages are:

  • Definition¬† of strategic goals
  • Systematic generation of action alternatives
  • Preparation of strategic decisions and evaluation of these against the background of alternative future visions
  • Early recognition of potential opportunities and risks
  • Derivation of concrete options for action and measures

All our projects are based on the Action Design Research Approach (ADR), which is often used for organisational, model or software development, but also in accompanying research. ADR is designed in such a way that the “voices of practice” are specifically included so that, to put it succinctly, “research and development in an ivory tower” is avoided. In concrete terms, practical requirements are incorporated into the design phase at an early stage and development steps are evaluated on a recurring basis.